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2 years ago

Wife Lover

Like most people I've found when you try wifelover something and want more. If it is wifelover rocking my husband was playing mind games with me for over a year. Make our your shit someone else, he said. Who wants to fuck? Imagine that someone convicted of our friends. was obvious from the way that wifelover his penis was hard, but you fuck me excited. At first I was hurt, but does not 't say I was shooting someone. I have been fucking someone who really has it. He finally agreed to a threesome. With the idea that I can change wifelover my mind if we find someone. It was like a safe, maybe. I said, it is possible that someone I knew. We need the city of New York. You own a hotel and a room to stay. We had gone several times, then one night she met Charles. He was tall like my husband. It was around 50 years old. What impressed me was so clean, seemed to glow. My husband does all the talking. After a few drinks, he wifelover told Charles, just what we were looking for. A strange man she liked. Shit while she watched. I don 't mean to brag, but I have one foot five, seven, have long legs turned, and I'm a 36C. The wifelover bar was softly lit and there was music and a small dance floor. My husband suggested that Carlos and I are trying to dance and see how we get along. The way you held me in his arms I knew I was going to be a gentle lover. He ran his hands down my back and slowly worked up to the buttocks. I felt his cock growing harder as slow dancing, and ground me. When we returned to the bar, my husband told me something to drink and let ' s go to our room. True to his word, my husband just to see. He sat in a chair in the corner of the room. Carlos and I are dancing in the room, only this time I slowly undressed. As I was completely naked, lay -ed me on the bed and began to suck my pussy. If you went there to make me wet, I was wasting time. My pussy was on. It seemed incredible that was actually shotwith my husband looked at me like I was naked, I licked her nipples to wifelover the total hardness and then suck another man. Soon we were doing 69th His cock was smaller than my husband ' s, but much thicker. After 69 my pussy was flow. Charles then took wifelover me until I arrived. Then let go and filled me with his hot juice. Charles I took the next 4 weeks, ending in a row. Then wifelover I suggested to my husband, although he enjoyed watching. It had all the fun, and we should try to get four of us. We looked into going to clubs swinging. Once started, I was like a kid in a candy store. I loved everyone. It took time, but finally we found with multiple partners and had a really wild time. This leads me to the last week. We had met this couple. Those are really good with. After the club drinking at home, fuck smoking marijuana, and half the wifelover night. Last week, when we entered the club were with another couple. we closeinvited a couple of hours dancing and drinking at home as usual, but it was the other pair. Which brings me back to the beginning of my story. It took a while for me to convince my husband to fuck another man. After last week I know I don 't I ' s to come. I was fucked by Carlos, his friend and my husband. The wife of the other couple took off my clothes. While sucking the cock of her husband. Charles made ​​me for anal sex. at one point I tried again and both my husband 's and Charles' s stands out in my mouth at the same time. For the first time in my life I 'm giving up my own sexual freedom. all that now, and ' m really scared, but that' s part of what it is. a gang bang...

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